so cal garden explosion

we’ve got rogue tomato plants all over the garden.  take exhibit A.  i didn’t plant this one and look how amazing it is!

tomato plants taking over the garden

i’m sort of insulted, to be honest, b/c the tomato plants that i staked, trim regularly, and talk to, are basically ignoring me.

nomad tomato plant

i didn’t plant this one. it’s just going nuts!

but these rogue plants which my friend never picked up from me…ahem, you know who you are….are going off and producing more fruit than any neighborhood can handle!

and check out the strawberries….even they want to shake hands with the rogue tomato plants.

strawberry runners bursting from their bed

and i promise that i didn’t plant this cucumber plant.  it just started growing and is now climbing the trellis quite nicely.  look at this cucumber!  we had quite a delicious snack, slicing this puppy and adding rice vinegar and some freshly ground pepper.

cucumber close up!

i’m absolutely amazed at how God’s work is so perfect.  look at this tendril clutching on so tightly to the trellis.  i love it.

cucumbers tendrils

the pathway in the garden is nearly completely blocked…but it’s ok.

go ahead strawberries, you can touch the tomatoes.

meesh's summer garden in full bloom

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