how to refinish an antique french door

hi, i’m meesh and i’m addicted to craigslist cheap/free stuff.

is it weird that i want to buy an old truck so that i can pick up late night curb alerts?

i picked up this door for $10 on craigslist.


a very nice young man was remodeling his house in costa mesa and tore out all the old doors and windows.

except they didn’t look like this.  some were dark wood, some were white.


so, a bit of paint, layered on with chalk paint, heavily sanded…

then some clear wax…


(that little table in front of the mirror is on the re-do list.  holy early 90s!)

i used some looking glass mirror spray paint to make the windows mirror-like.  the trick is that you spray the back of the glass, not the front.

and…i didn’t clean the glass before spraying the looking glass spray paint.  i wanted an antique look.


i forgot to tell our nanny who thought the kids had gotten finger prints all over the glass.  she scrubbed and scrubbed….to no avail.  still looked old and dirty.  🙂  then she fessed up and we cracked up about it.

look at Big A in the reflection…he’s always curiously exploring…


tough day for the kid…


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