summer’s here. the flowers prove it!

pansies hang out at the base of our citrus trees

We’ve still got another month or so of what we southern Californians call June gloom.  That’s right…don’t come here expecting hot blazing days.  Along the coast, you’ll get foggy mornings until it burns off around noon…these days last until July 4th.  Then we finally get some morning sun!

the roses are bursting!

But the June gloom is perfect for letting the summer flowers take root and get going!

i love these coral colored roses

that's right, this is a dwarf hybrid tree that includes lemons, limes and oranges. it's bursting with fruit right now.

i love my old wooden boxes. they're a perfect contaner for flowers near the front door

interesting hydrangea variety. triple petals.

these pretty little flowers flank our soft. i've got mommy brain and can't remember what these are called.

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