swirling about a sand room

i’ve been swirling about a mud room…but in our garage….cuz we really don’t have mud…we’ve got sand.

and hats, and shoes, and did i mention sand?

here are some inspiration shots…what do you think? i’ve been scouring craigslist for old entertainment centers or book cases that could be repurposed for something like this…

but i’m thinking i may just have to take a page out of Ana White’s book and just dive into wood shop…i will somehow make this, even if i have to volunteer at the local high school to get into the wood shop class!

of course, this makes me swoon a bit….we need for bins and more hooks, and maybe some chalkboard somewhere, and wider bins…but you get the idea here. mommy likes…

i like the use of chalkboard here. very practical.

we don’t wear shoes in the house, so these drawers under each section are a must to hide the shoes….

i want an area to stash various grab-and-go-bags. diaper/swimming/beach/etc. have them pre-packed so that it doesn’t take an hour to get out the door when you wanna hit the beach or pool! these cubbies along the side seem like a good solution…

while very pretty, i’m sure no one’s mud room ever looks this pristine. and if it does, then i’m hanging up my hat…nyuck nyuck nyuck… sorry.

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