taking a starbucks vacation

i don’t drink coffee.  but everyone around me does.

i marvel when i hear people say “i’ve got no money.”  “my credit cards are maxed out.”  “what should i do?”

interesting.  if you don’t have cash, why are you always drinking a starbucks?

let’s do some simple math…and talk about a phenomenon called the latte factor.

$3.50 for a tall latte

5 days a week

52 weeks a year

equals: $910 / year

that’s if you’re single and not eating a bagel or scone.

now throw in a spouse.

and a few kids…(btw…who lets their kids drink coffee?!)

you get the point.

cut the latte, or grits, or daily lunch at a restaurant…and maybe you can take a vacay.  then you can tell people that starbucks/phillip morris/corner bistro paid for your trip.

and maybe you should rethink introducing coffee to your kids…for a slew of reasons…

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