transform a dark wood bed into a beachy chic treasure

i was in search of a queen bed for a beach property. i scoured craigslist over a few weeks and scrounged all the furniture that i planned on painting. GREAT deals to be had!


this waterfront house is all whites and blues, to match the airy, beachy vibe of the lovely town, Coronado.

i chose all solid wood pieces as this rental will likely get a lot of traffic.


this $30 queen bed was perfect.  a little dusty, but overall, a great find! and yes, dark dark wood…which absolutely must be painted!


i started with a coat of Annie Sloan Pure White.


this photo looks a bit like Old White, but i promise i used Pure White! as always, i tried to paint in the direction of the wood grain, but as you can see, i’m not too careful about filling in all the nooks and crannies, b/c i’m trying to achieve a bit of a distressed, shabby look.


then i went over the whole thing with a 2nd coat of Pure White.

as you can see, i didn’t paint the insides of the bed rails b/c the mattress completely covers this part, and there’s really no need to waste paint here. i suppose if you’re a perfectionist, then you’d do it, but i’m a bit more pragmatic i suppose. 🙂




then i took a very very watery Louis Blue and brushed it over the entire piece, making sure to wipe off quickly.  i just wanted a very subtle blue tint. beach house bedroom with annie sloan painted furniture

i went over the high points with a very fine sandpaper (220 grit) and some steel wool to distress the piece a bit.

my 11 year old friend Kate helped me apply the clear wax all over the piece, and i followed up with a second coat the following day.coronado-vacation-rental-guest-bedroom1

the VRBO tenants’ feedback has been very positive…as long as they don’t lift the mattress and see the dark wood beneath!

if you’re interested in visiting gorgeous Coronado, take a look at the VRBO listing for this 3 BR + 2 BA waterfront property. you’ll fall in love with Coronado and enjoy the peaceful and quaint all-American feel of this beautiful town.

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