true love at the Toshiba Classic

my hubby’s a golfer. when lil G was an infant, husband played in the Golf Channel Amateur Tour…and won the state title in his division.

Newport Beach sunset


Toshiba Classic Pro-Am


sun behind tree

Newport Beach Country Club

yes, you read that right. we had an infant and his golf game was peaking.

Newport Beach Country Club

Toshiba Classic Pro-Am 2013

Big A is so happy!

but it was made very clear to me when we first started dating that golf was, under no circumstances, to be taken lightly.

cool, gnarly tree

when i was in my late teens and early 20s, i was obsessed with beach volleyball. i played everyday with whomever would let me play. i followed the AVP. i was tan…oh so tan.

Dad and son on golf course

then for some odd reason, it occurred to me that perhaps there was more to life than beach volleyball.


i know.

so i took golf lessons.  not sure why.  i didn’t know anyone else who played.  my parents didn’t play.  i just thought i’d check it out.  looking back, i’m pretty sure it was a God thing.

10 years later, when my hubby and i were first dating, he took me to play a round of golf.

boys on a golf cart

apparently it was a compatibility test.  i was so bad, but apparently showed potential.

his exact words were “i’m so encouraged. we’re going to have a great life together.”

toddler in double Bob stroller

we still joke about his inner voice spilling the beans of his undying love for me.

wuv….twue wuv….

the good news is that i’m so bad, and my handicap is so high that we’ve been known to win a few tournaments.  yup, type A personality + competition =  my A game.

preschooler sitting on grass

just call me sandbagger.  don’t be shy.

when the kids are a bit older, we’ll all golf together.  for now, we follow daddy around at tourneys.

today was a glorious day in newport beach. the kids had a blast caddying..when they weren’t poking each other.

brothers aggravating each other

brother, please stop grabbing me. please stop!


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