a built-in entertainment center on steroids

i design software applications.  what does this mean?  my mom has asked me this no fewer than a zillion times.

i conceptualize how users should interact with software.

software apps, whether web-based or otherwise, should be easy-to-use.  so easy that even AOL users should be able to figure them out.

again mom asks “what does that mean?”


unfortunately, i’m unable to turn off the part of my brain that wants to create.  i love to improve things and make them efficient.  especially when it comes to non-software projects.  🙂

enter Exhibit A.  the above is a quick spec i put together when the house was under construction.  who does this?

i feel out of sorts unless i make a spec….for just about everything…anyone with me on this?

when i called the custom cabinet guy and sent him the spec, he laughed nervously.  he probably thought i’d be a nightmare client.

who me?!  little ole low maintenance me?

Robert Downs was a guy I found through Craigslist.  I called his references and they all checked out.  His clients loved him.  No wonder why…look at his craftsmanship?  Exquisite.

the TV is mounted on a 150 lb pull-out swivel so that people can enjoy it anywhere in the room

The kids sit at the counter in the kitchen.  Husband is learning how to BBQ.  The TV swivels so that it can be viewed from just about anywhere in our great room, and even through a window to be viewed outside at the BBQ!  Oh, we also installed a super quiet fan that runs 24/7 to keep all the components cool.  Fancy.

tv swiveled toward the kitchen on a pull-out mount

My one concern is that this is just perfect height to smack a toddler in the skull.

four industrial drawers with automatic shutting mechanisms hide toys...oh the toys...so many...toys...

I’m a neat freak.  If I don’t see the mess, it doesn’t exist.  So…four huge drawers to house all the toys…puzzles…games…cars…trucks…paper towel rolls…and old school phones.  🙂

we used heavy duty gliders and dove tailed drawers to super duper strength. you know how strong those kids can be!

The quiet shut drawers are actually great b/c the baby can’t open the doors on his own…at least for another few months.

but he’s getting close!

slide out drawer with drop down face for PS3 and gadgets

I suspected once we took the PS3 plunge that we’d have all these nutty gadgets.  Who can have a PS3 without the Move ice cream controls, a charging stand, 4 controllers, and a bunch of wires and cables?  Not we!

look at the awesome custom paint job our friend Andrew pulled off! love.

Our good friend is a high-end custom painter….I guess that’s what his profession is.  But really, he’s an artist.  He transformed this raw poplar wood to have texture, depth, and warmth.  He does all of this without a drop cloth.  Ever.  Not a single drop of paint anywhere to be found.  He can leave your house after painting and head straight to a black tie dinner without needing to clean up.  Incredible.

magnet closure for the drawer's drop down face. goodbye PS3!

these drawers slide out for easy access to PS3 gadgets.

We mounted a surge protector hidden out of the way, yet easily accessible.

two smaller side drawers hold DVDs and remotes

adjustable shelves hold a bunch of junk. i still haven't mastered decorating these shelves. time to call Erica Bryen!

it all starts with a spec….

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