83m things you didn’t know about social media

i’m pretty sure that half the people on facebook and twitter are fake.  how do i know?  my team and i ran an experiment.

we created a few alter egos to test our theory.

choose a cute girl’s name, a cute (enough) photo, choose a big enough college where people wouldn’t really know whether you attended or not, and start inviting people to be your friends.

bam.  one of my team members has 150+ facebook ‘friends.’  really?  yes, really.  none of whom she knows.  all of whom are also probably marketers.

update:  big news hitting just moments after i posted this from mashable.  per facebook’s SEC filing, indeed, ~83m facebook users are fake.  BAM!

next related topic.

does twitter make you jitter the way it makes me?  i often feel anxious in a nervous-chihuahua-i-need-more-adderall kind of way.  there’s no possible way to keep up if you’re following more than 50 people.  if you work in social media, you’re following hundreds of people, if not more.  my feed is like a Japanese bullet train….zing!  i see everything, yet nothing, let alone digest it all and get real work done.

which leads me to my next thought…how effective is a twitter campaign?  unless i’m ashton kutcher, is anyone listening?  gross vs. effective reach are two completely different metrics, aren’t they?

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