when a 4 yr. old decorates for halloween

lil G has been itching to decorate for Halloween. i was planning on waiting a few weeks, but a 4 year old just can’t wait!

so we braved the 95 degree heat and got some decorating done today.  hello mr. skeleton, ms. fall wreath, and very strange-looking spider web with homemade spiders and skeletons hanging from it.

i picked up this wreath at michael’s and embellished it with little scare crow people, more flowers and berries, and the cute random owl.  for the amount of hot glue i used, i should have paid for the $150 wreath….the twigs on this thing will definitely all fall off within the next week.  i’ll be sure to post what’s left of this wreath next week.

this is our very spooky globe chandelier in the dining area.  i didn’t want to spend too much time on the cobwebs since i was nervous i’d pull the whole globe down.  if you look closely enough, you’ll probably notice some real cobwebs up there!

and here’s a really lame attempt to get the mantle with some cobwebs, too.  you win some…i lost this one…

but look at how funny lil G is with his cobweb decoration.  he was certain this was going to scare Daddy!  🙂

happy fall everyone!


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