bribing big brother when baby brother arrives

we’ve been preparing lil G for #2 for quite some time.  an early sign that this 2.5 year old wasn’t quite ready for his new role as big brother came when he was slapping at my stomach and saying ‘no!’  that was 5 months ago.

advice from friends with 3 and 4 packs have been welcomed and appreciated.  we’ve used bribery, books, and have purchased the ‘coveted’ toy lil G has been yearning.  Salty the Train will be neatly tucked away in #2’s swaddle at the hospital.  lil G even helped us get the crib back together…there he was laying under the bed with his socket set and allen wrench calling out every step he did.  ‘oh good.  that worked.  ok, good!’

with all the foundation laid from great friends’ advice, he now gently pats my belly and gives it kisses.  i’m still a bit heart broken about how he’ll react.  he’s been our best buddy for 2.5 years.  his little world is gonna get ROCKED!
last week, lil G also decided it was time to sit on the potty.  WHAT!?!?  with iPad in tow, he’s not had a #1 accident since he started.  subsequently, he’s also learned more than half of the Unites States by playing the iPad game whilst in ‘training.’  i don’t even know the new england states…this kid is something else!

here he is in his favorite end-of-bath routine….floating in the bubbles.  🙂

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