a custom dining room built-in for my neighbor

several months ago, i was at a friend’s house.  she mentioned that she wanted to do a built-in in her dining room.

one where the kids could do homework.  stash papers.  and maybe the adults could even stash a kegerator.  and all of it would be hidden if a real dinner were to be served in the room.

oooh, a pretty dining room built-in. SURPRISE! it's got hidden treasures behind those doors!

so i went home, launched my fave software, OmniGraffle, and got down to business.

Pocket doors hide a computer. Glass upper cabinets reveal pretty stemware and dimmed lights.

pocket doors also hide a seating area and pull out keyboard tray. when not it use, the cabinet doors blend to make it feel like a true dining room built-in.

built-in cubbies allow for display of knick knacks

no less than three weeks later, i popped in to say hi and it was built!  i’ve never seen anything be built that fast!  just…like…that!  a new built-in!

so top secret. don't tell anyone there's a computer and a bunch of homework behind those doors!

luckily they voted against the keg in the dining room.  perhaps they have bigger plans for a bbq hang/area in the back yard!

i love this stuff!

what do you hide in your dining room?

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Meesh has a passion for people, creative projects, and technology. She enjoys painting furniture back to life, gardening, playing with her kids, and connecting people.


  1. Sarah Campbell says

    I love this! This is what I’ve been wanting to do in our dinning room. Would you be willing to share your design?

  2. I’ve just worked out plans with my contractor to build this, but we’re having some difficulty finding the hinge/slides for the pocket doors. Do you have a link for this? Thanks!

  3. Gayle M says

    I totally love this and would like to do something similar. I need a dedicated workspace (right now t’s my kitchen table) for the days I work from home. Our formal dining room is barely used and this looks like the perfect solution to make it functional, yet not seem like an office. Was this design done with all custom cabinets or semi-custom?

    • Honestly, I’m not totally sure, but my guess is that this was all custom. Yes, using under-utilized space is a dream. Go for it and please keep me posted on how it goes!