Antique chair with redone coffee sack burlap seat

antique wood chair that needs a new seat

our good friends gave us this antique chair.  what a treat to get a gift like this!  looks like it had been in their family for a long time…and perhaps in the garage for a while, too.

sad leather seat on the chair

the leather seat was torn and not salvageable.  so sad.

i chipped away at the old leather seat. what a shame. it was cool.

batting and burlap wrapped around the seat

I picked up several free coffee sacks at Kean Coffee in Newport Beach.  What a GREAT coffee shop.  The founder is also one of the founders of Deitrich’s Coffee.  He’s such a nice man.

i love staple guns!

a couple of staples to secure the batting and burlap tightly.  oh staple gun, how i love thee.

i didn’t wash this particular burlap before using it.  i just cut it because the weave is so wide that i wasn’t certain that it would stay together in our washer.  i’d rather be safe than sorry!

pretty cute. the batting is still a bit full around the edges, so i'll need to correct it.

the colors match our house, the floors, and the rustic vibe we’ve got going.

burlap seat from the top of our stairs

a cute entry chair don't you think? turkey by lil G. 🙂

i’ll re-work the burlap when i find more time.  but it’s almost Thanksgiving and i’ve got some dinner to make!  since so many of you have asked, the pie rack is from the Rose Bowl swap meet circa 1994.

Dad recently commented “Well, it looks like that barn furniture you loved so much 20 years ago has made a come back!”

Yes, sir!  So we got floors to match.



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