Valentine’s Day wreath

saw this Valentine’s Day wreath on Pinterest and made it with my own little twist.  grabbed some old school clothes pins, sprayed them white, and pinned them to the clothes hanger with some burlap. get ready!  just got my Datevitation in the mail for my love.  so excited to share these exciting dates throughout the […]

mason jar candle lantern prep

my good friend Lucy helped me pick up 4 cases of small Kerr mason jars, and 4 cases of large jars at Smart and Final. she then peeled apart one of the wide-weave burlap coffee sacks i had in the garage and took apart the threads.  we used the longer twines. the leftover shorter twine […]

Antique chair with redone coffee sack burlap seat

our good friends gave us this antique chair.  what a treat to get a gift like this!  looks like it had been in their family for a long time…and perhaps in the garage for a while, too. the leather seat was torn and not salvageable.  so sad. batting and burlap wrapped around the seat I […]