big blue coral, hurricane vase, and brown rice

i found this huge hurricane vase at the salvation army.

it spoke to me.  “buy me!  i’m only $2!”

so i did.  but what would i do with it?

then i remembered i hadn’t yet unpacked the huge blue sea coral from our move!


i wasn’t really sure what to do at the bottom.  i didn’t have any sand and was too lazy to drive 5 miles to get some in laguna.

brown rice!

i also experimented with using mod podge, food dye, and some antique labels to create vintage looking bottles.  i used bondo to attach the awesome red sea sponge to the bottle.  this picture shows the bondo, which is a striking orange/red color that matches the sponge perfectly.  but i ended up using a car paint pen to make it look more like solder.  i’ll upload more pix later.

this ledge needs help…it’s so….white…and boring.  help!

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