simple, white, beachy mantle

i still get a lot of questions about the sea fan windows i made a few years ago. i found some vintage wood windows on craigslist from a guy who had replaced all his windows. i hot glued some super large sea fans that i purchased online to recreate the ones i’d been seeing in […]

a rustic front entry with vintage buoys and Dinky cars

i was into barn wood furniture 25 years ago.  my dad thought i was nuts. he and i picked up this rustic barn wood baker’s rack at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet in ’93.  isn’t it awesome?  and that antique chair is one that i re-covered with a coffee bag burlap last year. here’s a […]

you can’t beat a winter so cal beach day

my favorite beach months in southern california are oct through march. the weather is just right… the crowds are sparse… the sand castles are perfect… and the action is fun! here’s lil G helping Big A down the slope… and here he is pushing him down like any good big brother would… this seagull wishes […]

beachy cottage laundry room reveal!!

very excited to share the new laundry room with y’all!  it was previously just a plain, boring ole laundry room.  no flavor, no pizzaz. so here we go. a fresh, very beachy, killer laundry room! hooks on the left wall.  a rod to hang ironed items.  front loader washer and dryer lifted on the awesome […]

big blue coral, hurricane vase, and brown rice

i found this huge hurricane vase at the salvation army. it spoke to me.  “buy me!  i’m only $2!” so i did.  but what would i do with it? then i remembered i hadn’t yet unpacked the huge blue sea coral from our move!   i wasn’t really sure what to do at the bottom.  […]

Beachy, simple, fall mantle :: sea fans, vintage windows, baby pumpkins

before moving to this house, i was on a craigslist spree.  lookie here…i picked up these 1950’s windows for $5 each.  i ordered some sea fans, and using a few dabs of hot glue along the center wood strip, i achieved this look. pretty nifty. i kept the look simple and clean. i love the […]

souped up radio flyer beach wagon

So this very handy neighbor of ours arrived at the pool the other day with the coolest beach wagon.  Of course, I lost an entire night’s sleep planning how I’d make ours for lil G.  This is what I devised.  We already had ordered the ATW Radio Flyer from Costco.  I decided that adding surf […]