blended iced coffee yumminess + a giveaway!

i had my bible study girls over for breakfast today.  i’d envisioned a nice peaceful meal outside until i heard lil G casually ask “what are those bugs doing out there?”

coffee creamer, rock sugar, and sea shells

turns out they weren’t bugs…but in fact, a swarm of bees!  run for the hills, batten down the hatches!

then we were greeted by Mr. Hawk chomping on a baby bird….i was hoping for rustic, but this was a bit much!


good grief.  so, plan B kicked into gear and i moved it all inside!

rustic breakfast table setting

and luckily so, b/c within 30 minutes, the temp jumped from a lovely 75 to 90!  our precious kids returned from the park all red-faced and sweaty.

Seattle's Best Coffee display

so rather than hot coffee, i grabbed my favorite kitchen toy….the magic bullet, and started making my hubby’s favorite iced coffee drink.

Seattle's Best Iced Coffee via the Magic Bullet

today, i started with 1/2 of the large cup filled with ice.  then i poured Seattle’s Best Medium-Dark & Rich coffee to 3/4 full (i’m using the large cup here)….

pouring coffee

1/4 cup of our favorite coffee creamer, fat free French Vanilla by Lucerne (Safeway’s in-house brand)…

Coffee and sweetener + ice in Magic Bullet

and blend….anyone who knows me knows how much i love the magic bullet.  we use it every day…for smoothies, iced coffees, salad dressing, etc.  so easy.  minimal clean-up.  i know a bunch of y’all are trying to convince me to step up to the VitaMix, but i’m a holdout…

the Magic Bullet in action

the hardest part of making the coffee this morning was trying to take the picture with my right hand while blending with my left.  🙂

we typically drink straight outta the magic bullet cup, but today, i poured the lovely, frothy yumminess into my new favorite 60th anniversary Ball blue mason jars.  i absolutely love mason jars and may have a hoarding problem when it comes to jars….may.

60th anniversary edition blue Ball canning jars

for an extra kick, you can add some brown sugar, but really, that may be too sweet, but it sure makes the photo look more interesting.

blended Seattle's Best coffee

we kicked things off with some freshly baked blueberry muffins, multi-grain bread, pistachios, honey, fresh peaches, and havarti.

bread, peaches, honey, pistachios and havarti cheese

then we chomped into today’s crop of crunchy carrots.  these look gigantic in the photo, but were only 2-4″.  and the tomatoes…oh, the tomatoes…these organic lovelies start to wither after 1-2 days.  imagine the preservatives store-bought tomatoes have if they’re able to last a full week!

garden fresh carrots and tomatoes

and today’s egg white frittata with spinach, garden fresh zucchini, onions, tomatoes and goat cheese….yum.  light and fluffy.egg white frittata with tomatoes, spinach, zucchini and goat cheese

i didn’t intend for the veggies to all float to the top, but they did, and it makes for a nice presentation.  i’d never think that egg whites were more dense than the veggies…go figure.  egg white frittata with tomatoes, spinach, zucchini and goat cheese

the whole morning was such a fun, blessed, and much-needed way to catch up.  and by the looks of the empty mason jars, the coffee was a big hit, too.

look at this mini photo bomber….his little fingers and water gun made a few of my other shots, too.  sneaky sneaky…

my girls!

nice apron. what a doof i am.

i’d love for you to enjoy some iced coffee with your friends, too.  so go grab a $1.00 off coupon and enter to win my first giveaway!!

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Seattle's Best Coffee display

A Seattle’s Best Hot Iced Coffee Giveaway!

** DISCLAIMER :: this is a sponsored post.  Seattle’s Best sent me a few bags o’ coffee to try and use for this giveaway.  Magic Bullet, Ball Canning, and Safeway are in no way involved in this post, but I just love ’em and am giving them a high five.**

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  1. Meghan Finley says

    I have made it but it’s never as good as home for some reason

  2. Jennai says

    I’ve made it, but I prefer to get it at Starbucks or even McDonalds.
    JenniferAnne74 @

  3. Sara Floyd says

    Yes I have, but I prefer it hot

  4. Madeline says

    I’ve made iced coffee a few times.

    • imeeshu says

      we’re so blessed with warm weather nearly year-round here in so cal that we enjoy it a lot. but sometimes on those cold, rainy days, i’m still surprised that my hubby wants a blended iced coffee!

  5. Jennie Sanderson says

    I have failed at making my own iced coffee 🙂

  6. AnnaZed says

    I make iced coffee every single day!


    {in the contest I am Margot Core on the Rafflecopter}

  7. Jessica says

    I have made iced coffee!! I like to freeze coffee in ice cube trays then use them with iced coffee. It keeps the coffee from getting too watery when the ice melts!

  8. I think if I had a coffee maker, I’d make iced coffee all the time!

    Also, I really should use my magic bullet more often. I only use it occasionally, and only if I’ve just bought a bunch of fruit for smoothies. But don’t even do smoothies often! Dang 🙁

  9. Oh yeah, who can resist iced coffee. I used to run by one of my local coffee bars on “doctor day”at the nursing home where my dad was a resident. ( The day the dr. came to examine all the people.) I’d pick up a tray of Cool Coffee Cremes for myself, Dad and the dr. Of course Dad’s had to be decaf because he was demented but we all loved our drinks!