California Tea Party

hello!  raise your hand if summer has completely consumed you?

chopped scallions and oregano

i’ve really been making an effort to be in the moment with the kids….i give myself a B.

fresh basil

we’ve had a lot of fun…but it isn’t easy.  summer’s irregular schedule requires a lot more juggling and calendar coordination!  thank goodness for Google calendars!!!

fresh garden tomatoes

“Why’m I the butt of everyone’s jokes?”

we’ve spent a lot of time at the pool and beach and with neighbor friends.

chopped kale close-up

at an early summer pool party, my neighbor Jen, who blogs at An International Tea Moment, and i decided to have a summer California tea party.

Dr. Weil's kale salad

so as i do, i went into the garden with the kiddos, picked a bunch of fresh veggies and herbs, and started cooking!

bell peppers, lemon, and herbs

we decided to take a fun twist on the stuffy ole tea party concept.    fresh basil

no cucumber sandwiches here!

blackening bell peppers

can you guess what i’m making here?  “Mommy, why are you burning those things?!”

yellow, orange and red bell peppers on an open fire

i made a spicy hummus which i found at White on Rice.  good grief, that’s one amazing blog!  the food and pix are incredible!  check it out!

gourmet sandwich spicy hummus, tomatoes, olives, onions, bell peppers

with some toasted fresh sourdough, sauteed onions, olives, scallions, and fresh garden cherry tomatoes, we had some yummy sandwiches!

gourmet sandwich board

summer lunch rustic table setting

i’m just realizing the bumper is still taped onto the corner of the table! lol.

yum…these peppers were so sweet and delish!

blackened yellow and orange bell peppers

i sauteed these onions with some balsamic and a touch of soy sauce and a splash of olive oil.  keep the flame low and let these simmer for 10-15 minutes to bring out the taste.

sauteed onions

sliced garden tomatoes

gourmet sandwich spicy hummus, tomatoes, olives, toast, onions

then, i figured i’d try my new favorite unhealthy appetizer that i recently discovered at Broadway in Laguna.

prunes stuffed with feta and wrapped with bacon

um….prunes stuffed with feta, wrapped in bacon?  do not pass go, do not collect $200.  yes, call your cardio thoracic surgeon.  stat.

prunes stuffed with feta and wrapped with bacon

Jen brought some amazingly creative and scrumptious tea-infused beers and wines.  really?  yes, really.

using Capital Teas’ Cherry Blossom Rose Sencha Organic tea, she steeped a chilled BV Chardonnay for 30 minutes.  use 3-4 tea bags for each bottle of wine.

White wine infused with tea

and brace yourself for this next one…..

Jen Picotti pouring Stella Artois beer

Jen from An International Tea Moment

iced cold Stella Artois + Capital Teas’ Cream Earl Grey Black tea.

tea-infused Stella Artois beer

and check out these adorable Japanese sugar cubes.  these have been made for Japanese royalty for centuries.  only recently did the company allow a US licensee to bring these to the states.  and we LOVE them!

Japanese sugar cubes

a little snack board of honey, capers, nuts, havarti and fresh peaches.appetizer board with bread, peaches, honey, almonds and havarti

we had a wonderful time introducing these tea-infused wines and beers to our gal pals.

gourmet hummus sandwich and rice noodle kale salad

we wanted to test the concept with the girls first before bringing the guys into the mix…

kale, edamame and rice noodle salad

we’re thinking our next quarterly neighborhood wine tasting may have to include some tea-infused beers.   gourmet spicy hummus, onion, bell pepper and tomato sandwich

we’ll do a taste test between bug light and stella to see who truly knows their beers…and teas!

we’ll def keep the pizza and bacon-wrapped-heart-attack-on-a-stick on the menu!cheese, tomato and basil pizza

have a GREAT weekend….and yes, i’m posting this at 5:41 AM b/c it’s the only time i get anything done around here!  now, time to get ready for the beach!  🙂

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