California Tea Party

hello!  raise your hand if summer has completely consumed you? i’ve really been making an effort to be in the moment with the kids….i give myself a B. we’ve had a lot of fun…but it isn’t easy.  summer’s irregular schedule requires a lot more juggling and calendar coordination!  thank goodness for Google calendars!!! we’ve spent […]

BlissDom gals love 80s cover band Spazmatics

last night was girls’ night out at BlissDom. i’m not sure that too many of us blogging party people had any fun. here we are at the Glass Cactus after party where the Spazmatics played.  The Glass Cactus is rated by Billboard Magazine as one of the U.S.’s top 25 hottest clubs in the U.S. […]

spring garden party

the party went off without a hitch.  we’re blessed with amazing friends who lend their time and help!  in between setting up, politely bossing my friends around, and trying to be a gracious hostess, i tried to snap a few pix…. the weather cooperated….it rains one day a year in california.  and thankfully, the first […]