caramelized pear & onion, fig butter, & brie on rustic sourdough

my 3rd baby is due in 2 weeks.
my preggers cravings have kicked in today!  a caramelized pear, onion, brie with fig butter on sourdough sounded so good, that i had to whip it together.
so so so so good!
first you heat up an iron skillet with a touch of butter and a tad of olive oil.
butter sizzling in iron skillet
chop up a fist full of white sweet onions and half of a thinly sliced pear
sliced yellow onions
sauté in butter and oil until both are golden around the edges to a caramelized perfection.
next butter your rustic sour dough bread on both sides with fig butter or jam.
slice a few thin slices of double cream french brie and layer on top of the fig spread.
sliced pear and brie
remove the onions and pear slices from the skillet and layer them on top of your brie.
is your mouth watering yet?
using the same skillet, start building your sandwich.  you’ll thank me later as this helps all of those yummy flavors soak into the bread.
pear, brie, fig butter, and carmelized onion sandwich on sourdough
place a heavy pot or press on top of the sandwich to allow the butter to crisp up and get perfectly browned!
flip when it starts getting a golden, crispy texture.
pear, brie, fig butter, and carmelized onion sandwich on sourdough
of course you can add ham or bacon to satisfy any salt cravings.
this savory sweet sandwich sure hit the spot for me today!



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  1. uh-oh! food porn. tempting…i can’t believe you’re still cooking. i’d be demanding room service on the hour, every hour, by now! take good care, Jessica!

    • imeeshu says

      RIGHT??? i can’t believe she’s still cooking, shooting and editing. 🙂 nuts.

  2. Dawn - Spatulas On Parade says

    haha yep, pregnant cravings for sure. Thanks for sharing with us at Foodie Friends Friday and blessings for a safe arrival of your new baby.