Christmas decorations taken to a whole new level

there’s a serious competition in our hood right now.  we live in a new neighborhood and last year, we were all still moving in on our street.  but one neighbor threw down the gauntlet by accessorizing with the most incredible light show our town has seen.

despite being a new house, i’m pretty sure the guy had to have extra electrical installed.

he won the city’s competition for best decorations….and rightly so.

being the passionate/competitive folks that we are here in the OC, last year’s winner has spawned a whole new level of decorations this year.  dripping lights, icicle lights, flashing lights, blow-up santas, mickey mouses, reindeers, etc.  the bid we got for lights this year was $350.  WHAT!?

yeah, i did those puppies myself.  i’m not winning any competitions.

so our next door neighbor was extra stoked to tell us about the 15′ santa blow-up he bought on amazon last week.  he’s the only single guy living on a street filled with families and zillions of kids.  he’s some sort of real estate tycoon and such a nice guy.

so we took particular pleasure in howling with him when he opened the box yesterday….and proceeded to pump santa up….

and up….

and up….

gigantic blow-up santa 16'

so lil G took pleasure in sprinting toward santa and bouncing off it….

gigantic blow-up santa 16'


kid running into gigantic blow-up santa 16'


just today, our single neighbor was out front with his measuring tape….

measuring for an 8′ snowman he just bought…

let the games begin!  🙂

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