first frost cranberries – crunchy, tart, sweet, yumminess

first frost cranberries are easy to make and are a crowd favorite.  i personally ate about 1/2 the bowl at a holiday cooking party recently. most people don’t think of eating raw cranberries.  this recipe is deceptively addictive.  be sure to make extra batches!  they make a lovely hostess gift when presented in a jar; […]

snowball recipe :: Mulhall family style

here’s a fun recipe for the kids. we have a sick little dude at home today, so it was time to bust out the snowballs! this recipe is from my high school buddy, Johnny Mulhall, who fondly remembers these as his favorite dessert growing up. he’s the author of Geddy’s Moon if you’re looking for something really scary […]

Christmas decorations taken to a whole new level

there’s a serious competition in our hood right now.  we live in a new neighborhood and last year, we were all still moving in on our street.  but one neighbor threw down the gauntlet by accessorizing with the most incredible light show our town has seen. despite being a new house, i’m pretty sure the […]