Downloadable daily schedule for your baby and kids

call me a freak.  i use Excel for everything.  my MBA has certainly come in handy for this project!

when lil G was born, i couldn’t remember anything.  did i feed the baby?  what time?  which side did i nurse last?

so, i created this daily schedule to keep track of the kids.  it started as a way to remember diaper, feeding, and sleep schedules.

Downloadable daily baby schedule

after the first year, we started using a hardbound daily calendar to keep notes.  it’s been super helpful to communicate and document as things occur.

Brownline Standard Daily Diary in Red

between the us, babysitters, grandparents, teachers, and doctors, it’s been a great resource to keep track of everything.  and it’s always fun to go back and read through it.

my, how time flies!

so check it out.  there are 5 tabs in this spreadsheet.  go nuts!

Download the daily_baby_schedule.xls here

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  1. NICOLE says

    I printed mine out already this is great thank you

    • imeeshu says

      awesome! this has been super helpful for us, and fun to look back through the years!