downloadable kids’ reward sticker chart


i’ve gotten a few requests to post the reward sticker chart for download.

yup, another nerdy Excel thing i did for the kids.

sticker reward chart on magnet board

most nights after baths, we review the chart.  they get a sticker for each ‘task’ they accomplished.

this has been successful to get them to learn behaviors such as brushing teeth, being kind, using a strong voice, having a good attitude, using manners, etc.

once they reach a pre-determined number of stickers, they earn a reward.  this past round was 200 stickers for lil G to go to Chuck E. Cheese.

yup, you heard it.  200.

sticker reward chart close up

why?  cuz someone should pay me $200 each time i walk into that place.

it’s….well, it’s really not that bad, but i feel like i need to complain about it.  in fact, ours is really clean and the pizza is edible.

and 200 stickers really isn’t that many.  really, if he had perfect days, this would be 20 days between CEC visits.

toddler squeezing Chuck E. Cheese's nose

perhaps i need my own sticker chart.

now that lil G is a bit older, i’m going to heed my child therapist friend, Lisa Plumb’s, advice and move on to reward tokens.  that way, he can earn toward a long term high-value goal, but also learn the value of saving and spending against shorter term desires.

so if he wants to play Angry Birds on the PS3 one night, he could ‘buy in’ to it for a few tokens, which then reduces tokens he’s saving up for the Disneyland visit.

i know, how business school of me.  i just can’t help it.  but kids have to learn these concepts as it carries with them throughout life.

as the daughter of a Chinese Tiger Mom, i wasn’t allowed to work during my summers.  i attended summer schools for math and science (I KNOW, BORING!), and didn’t truly learn the value of a dollar until my late 20’s.

so, download this reward sticker chart, and join me in Tiger Mom’ing in a different way.  😉

kids’ reward sticker chart

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  1. Hey! It’s Sally here! Love this!! I saw your post on LinkedIn this am… Awesome excell sticker chart. You should see the graphs and diagrams Stanley Kubrick made to organize the production of his movies – I saw them on display at his LACMA show, and they were awe inspiring! (I heart charts and diagrams too.) Anyway, after several permutations of award charts, I’ve come up with a sticker-ticket combo now that my kids are a little older. It kinda works! Three stickers = one ticket, and one ticket = a dollar. The idea is that the child gets a ticket (you can get them on a big roll at Staples) when he or she earns three stickers. I dialed back on the # of stickers I give, and they are usually a surprise: “Wow, I like how you just helped your sister, I’m giving you a sticker” or “thanks for setting the table without me asking, here’s a sticker”… or the flat-out bribe: “the first person to get dressed this morning gets a sticker”. The tickets go into a jar for each child, and he/she can cash them in for special purchases. They can then spend 8 bucks on a stupid toy that will break, and learn from it! In addition, this is how Henry was able to finally get an iTouch (I did some “matching” too). He was so proud that he had the cost of the darn thing engraved on it, along with his name. (shoot, am I creating Gordon Gecko?!)

    • imeeshu says

      wow! an iTouch is a great incentive. i love this idea, too, as the kids get older. thanks, Sally!

  2. Love it! 🙂

  3. nicole says

    This is great I wish i could use this for Julian he is only A year and A half.. He will be two in April. Soon lol. Wonder what I can do for a toddler to reward good things he does

    • imeeshu says

      we started this with our 18 month old, and while he doesn’t totally get it, it gives us an opportunity each day to discuss our expectations for his behaviors are: brushing teeth, being kind to brother, no hitting/biting. at some point, i hope it clicks!

  4. Sara Muirhead says

    The stickers are really cute too!! Where can I find them? Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • imeeshu says

      Hi, I picked these up at Lakeshore Learning, which is a teacher store in our neighborhood. They’ve been great for all sorts of rewards in workbooks, drawings, etc. Good luck!