Eco Wood Treatment now carried in Home Depot!!

The Eco Wood folks saw my last post and were excited that the furniture DIYers are learning about their product!   It’s definitely a huge market segment they perhaps had overlooked!

GREAT NEWS!  Eco Wood Treatment is now carried in Home Depot.

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  1. Christine Tomaselli says

    I just bought a Restoration Hardware table – very funky – their FlatIron model. I have beautiful ladder back chairs from Tuscany and wanted to treat them to have a similar barn wood ‘feel’ as the table. I was thrilled to find your post about Eco Wood. I live 5 minutes from Home Depot in Canada and can’t wait to dive into this project. Thanks for the tip. Will send a pic when it’s all done. Christine

    • imeeshu says

      how did it turn out???? i’m excited to see it. hopefully HD in Canada carried EcoWood. if not, i can prob send you some! lemme know!