fu man chu bangs aren’t cool

i hear my women friends complain about their hair all the time.

it’s too curly.

i want a brazilian blow out.

it’s too thin.

i need extensions.

is it blonde enough?

yes, it is.

i suppose i’ve been blessed to have thick, straight, hair.  i have my Chinese mom to thank for the thick locks and my American dad to thank for the straight do.

my friend, Adir, used to do my hair, until he became too rich and too famous…but not from doing my hair.  please.  he couldn’t do my wedding bc he had to do kiera knightly’s hair for the oscars on the same night.  priorities.

but i digress.

i typically would tell him to do whatever he wanted.  i always loved what he did.

then i had a baby.  and another.

i recall my doctor visiting me at 7am the day after my delivery as i was trying to catch some wink eye.

in his very sweet, calm demeanor, he explained “you’ll start to lose your hair in 3-4 months.”


“from the anesthesia.”


and sure enough, my hair started falling out in chunks about a month ago.  and i mean CHUNKS.

hair everywhere.


so now i’ve got fu man chu bangs.

hi, i've got fu man chu bangs...

you know the look…a wispy mustache sported by a chinese dude.  yes, that’s what’s left of my bangs.

so there’s really nothing i can do except vacuum my hair off the floor and let it grow.  i’m so excited for the next phase of this journey…baby ostrich bangs.

i’ll survive.

anyway, i had the pleasure of meeting another celebrity stylist this weekend.  sarah  potempa.  she’s adorable.

who wouldn’t want to get their hair done by her?  i want her hair.  i want her nose.  i want her smile.  she’s too cute.

i couldn’t help but notice as she was styling several women, that they all requested the ‘beach curl’ look.

i grew up going to the beach.  i played beach volleyball everyday for 5 years.

when i return from the beach, my hair looks like a rat’s nest.

curly?  maybe.

seaweed?  possibly.

sand?  definitely.

so what i’m saying is…who came up with the beach curl?  does it include having seaweed braided into your hair?  maybe i can start a new trend.  move over feathers…here comes seaweed.

so sarah has invented a new thingamajig that allows people to achieve the beach curl with minimal effort.

i have to admit, i’m pretty excited about this.  i can just see it now.

a beach curled fu man chu, baby ostrich updo.

expect an update from me on sarah’s new tool around Christmas 2011…

maybe she’ll package it with some seaweed.

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  1. or you could just do what i do… shave it all off!!! haha. i guess they say you gotta have the “head” for it. well, thank goodness i do because i’m sure i’da shaved it either way!!!