how to make a felt and velcro board for kids’ learning

felt and velcro board for kids’ learning

i made this a few years ago for lil G…we use it all the time and he learned his letters quickly.  now Big A is using it…mainly to eat.

it’s a simple DIY.

staple gun the felt and velcro to a canvas

get a canvas.  using a staple gun, staple a large piece of felt around the canvas.  staple the velcro.  i got all these supplies at Michael’s.

felt numbers stick nicely to velcro. perfect for little hands to grab, place and remove

watch your kids learn, grab, place, and hopefully not eat the letters.  i picked up the letters, numbers and various objects (lady bugs, cats, dogs, snow men, etc) at Lakeshore Learning, a teachers’ store.  we swap out the objects during the seasons.  i’ve also made my own cut outs from felt…all of which are terrible, but do the trick to keep the kids interested.  🙂

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  1. herlie valenzuela says

    thanks for this..a big help for teaching my kids!