how’d that tomato plant get there?

i love seeing the world.  but i also love returning and seeing what’s happened in my garden after a week away.

the trumpet vines on our garden trellis are finally blooming and they’re gorgeous!

red and pink trumpet vine flowers

these make me so happy!!!!  you can see that all of the raised beds are doing great.  the heat hasn’t started yet, so the veggies are thriving!

garden arch trellis filled with trumpet vines

check out the potato buds that have come up!  read up on how i planted these potatoes in coffee potato sprouts

the squash flowers are gorgeous and the fruit look amazing already!squash buds

and i keep finding tomato plants everywhere around the garden.  here’s one hanging out with the mint.tomatoes galore

the kids and slugs have been devouring these super sweet, delicious strawberries.  organic strawberries

i spy with my little eye, another tomato plant!  this time, in our front yard in a flower pot!tomatoes growing everywhere

and it even has a tiny tomato on it!

baby tomato

this tomato plant is growing in a flower pot in our front entry…these plants are growing everywhere in our yard!

i absolutely can’t wait for these hydrangea to fully bloom.  look at all the buds!

hydrangea about to explode

looking forward to seeing the garden upon my return from my trip this week!!!

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  1. Do you have any video of that? I’d want to find out
    more details.