Ikea hack :: using the DIGNITET curtain clips to hang your kids’ artwork

raise your hand if you love ikea.

i was wracking my brain on ways to display the kids’ artwork in the loft.  they’re always creating new stuff, and with the seasons, taping it to the wall was becoming a bit aggressive.

i even bought two quarts of magnetic paint, but then thought there’s no chance i was painting the huge wall 3 times to make the magnets stick.  the magnetic paint has worked on furniture, but painting out our entire wall seemed like a bigger project than i was ready to attach.

so, based on this picture which inspires me so much, we had this amazing wallpaper installed to look like real wood paneling.  everyone who visits insists on touching the wall because they don’t believe it’s wallpaper.

weathered wood paneled wall....s  w  o  o  n

then on a stroll through ikea….i saw this

Ikea DIGNITET curtain wires and clips


use the curtain wire and clips to showcase the kids’ artwork!

Ikea DEKA curtain wire with clips used for kids' artwork

we can change out the artwork regularly, slide it around, and move it to our hearts’ content without damaging the wallpaper or using tape.

Ikea DEKA curtain wire with clips used for kids' artwork

Ikea DEKA curtain wire with clips used for kids' artwork

Ikea DEKA curtain wire with clips used for kids' artwork

yes, that’s Maisy going to the potty.  Big A is almost ready for training…he needs some inspiration!

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  1. This looks great! Is there any chance these are Ikea DIGNITET curtain wires, not DEKA? Headed to Ikea soon and want to make sure I’m getting the right ones… 🙂

  2. I can’t tell from your photo, but did you use the full spool of wire in the Dignitet kit (197″) without adding center supports? Any issues? I want to use it for artwork too, but the package says not to exceed 55″ without support. But I assume this is for holding the weight of curtains (not kindergarten projects).

    • No, the wall wasn’t that long, so we had to cut the wire a bit. Pretty easy to do! Good luck!

  3. Hi, That is a cool idea and kind of what I’ve been looking for after seeing it done on a revamp bedroom tv show in the UK. Your curtain wire looks great with the kids art on it!

    Did you buy the clips separate and please can you tell me the make of the wallpaper it is absolutely gorgeous!

    • The clips are a separate purchase, but were very inexpensive ($3-5 US, maybe?). I don’t recall the wallpaper manufacturer, but there are tons of faux wood wallpapers on the market these days. They’re GREAT! Good luck!


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