industrial clothing rack :: Annie Sloan style

after we installed our entertainment center, we had an extra piece of base board laying around.  and if you know me, you know that i can’t throw any piece of wood away.  i know, i’ve got issues.

coat rack Annie Sloan duck egg, and hinges

but you knew that.

coat rack Annie Sloan duck egg, and hinges

it started out 8′ long, so i used a hand hack saw to cut it in half.  Annie Sloan painted coat rack with blue towel

it started out white.  i used Annie Sloan’s duck egg first.  then i lightly sanded it to bring some of the white up.  Annie Sloan coat rack under a surfboard rack

then i dry brushed some paris gray and louis blue.  using a very very rough wire brush, i scraped the entire board in a single direction.  i wanted to get some rough and visible scratches to show.

Annie Sloan coat rack under a surfboard rack with a wetsuit

first a coat of clear wax, then dark wax.  so super easy.

then, using some old hinges that came from this shutter headboard project, i secured the hinges.  i wanted an industrial look….so this worked perfectly.  a bunch of super glue did the trick to hold the hinges at an angle.  we’ll see just how ‘super’ this super glue is.closeup of old hinge holding a hanger

now, there’s a perfect spot beneath the surfboards to hang wet towels and wetsuits.

industrial hanging rack with towel, wetsuits

there’s even a perfect secret shelf for the wax on each hinge.  i’m letting my husband believe i planned it that way.  🙂industrial hanging rack with hinge that doubles as surf wax shelf

can’t wait for the boys to start getting in the water.  i did spy them doing this over the weekend with their Daddy.  made me weep!


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