kids’ modern beachy bathroom

the past few months have been a whirlwind!

we’re finished with the kids’ bathroom remodel.  amen.

the goal was beachy, and something the rugrats could grow into…..cuz hunny, i don’t plan on moving for  LONG time!  not after this past move.

no thanks.

do not pass go.

don’t even look at me.

with the help of our awesome designer, Erica Bryen, i think you’ll agree that this is the coolest boys’ bathroom you’ve seen in a while.

she chose the most amazing gray wavy tile which comes 12″ x 40″.  she matched it with a misty carrera by caesarstone for the bench and niche, and a round pebble shower pan.  i’m insistent on dark floor grout.  i’ve read all the Pinterest tricks on cleaning white grout.  i’ve tried them all.  none of them work.  sorry.  so i’m doing my best toddler impression and putting my hands over my eyes and saying:  if i can’t see the dirt, it doesn’t exist.  🙂

large plank gray wave tile shower walls misty carrara cesarstone seat and niche

i selected the Moen shower head and frameless shower door.  this says beach and relaxation simultaneously, no?

large plank gray wave tile shower walls misty carrara cesarstone seat and niche


i’m a stickler for efficient spaces, so we removed the standard door and replaced it with this barn door.  that way, the bi-directional opening frameless shower door can fully open without any risk of hitting another solid object.  with two boys and their friends, it’s wise to mitigate any risk!

barn door on bathroom with horizontal door pull oil rubbed bronze


we had a tight space on the vanity and toilet area, so we stuck with this rustic wood single Restoration Hardware vanity, which i picked up at the Long Beach outlet. might i also add that i walked into the store with blinders on.  i bee-lined to the vanity, made my purchase, and left immediately.  i mean, RH Outlet?  ARE YOU INSANE?  i’d still be there.  in fact, i’m pretty sure my friend Peilin is still in there somewhere.

beachy boys bathroom misty carrara cesarstone restoration hardware vanity

Erica picked the coolest light fixture and we had a custom white framed mirror made to fit beneath it.  we’re using an old fruit crate to store towels above the new Toto toilet.

toilet with rustic wood crate to hold towels

the flooring is a faux whitewashed wood tile.  yes, that’s right.  a tile.  sweeping up the sand and dirt is a snap.  notice the dark grout.  😉

here’s a peek down the hallway to the bedrooms.  we added another barn door on li’l G’s room and opted to use unmatched hardware from the bathroom.  why not?  i’m not a huge fan of matchy matchy anyway.

barn door for kids' room. blues, beachy, annie sloan

i ordered the wood for the custom-sized door below at real sliding hardware.  of course, i stained and painted the doors myself to save $500 on each door.  that’s right…UPS delivers 62 lbs of wood to your door and you assemble and paint it yourself!  amazing.  i used a combination of Minwax, Annie Sloan, Valspar, and WoodKote Jel’d Stain as i didn’t want the boards to all look perfect or match.  i still have to finish it with my new favorite Modern Masters Dead Flat, but will get to it eventually.

barn door for kids' room. blues, beachy, annie sloan

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  1. Helena Fogarty says

    This is so gorgeous! Can you come to Costa Rica and redo some of our rooms (and stay for free?)

    • imeeshu says

      You’re too nice, friend. Believe me…you’ll be hosting us soon!

  2. Can you tell me where to purchase the wavy wall tile?

    • We bought this from Coastal Tile and Stone in Costa Mesa. 170 E 17th St #119, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (949) 548-1868. I’m sure you can send them the pic and they’d be happy to help you. Thanks for reading and please keep me posted! 🙂