mason jar candle lantern prep

my good friend Lucy helped me pick up 4 cases of small Kerr mason jars, and 4 cases of large jars at Smart and Final.

she then peeled apart one of the wide-weave burlap coffee sacks i had in the garage and took apart the threads.  we used the longer twines.

unwoven burlap coffee sack

the leftover shorter twine is still secured and could be a very cool hula skirt, or even maybe a window dressing of some sort….will have to brew on that a bit….

the materials are stacked a mile high in our office…

we used the metal lid screwed around each jar to secure a looped piece of the burlap twine.  because we’ve got too many to make, and because i’d like to repurpose the glasses for drinking, i opted for this method rather than using wire.  waaaaay faster.

mason jar candle lanterns with burlap twine, pinto beans and votives

what do you think of this method?  they can be different lengths to be hung from trellises, arbors, trees.

i ordered votives in glasses so that the wax wouldn’t ruin the insides of the mason jars….re-use, re-use, re-use!

i’ll snap more pix the night of the event.  please, pray for no rain.

it never rains in so cal….except on the night of our shindig?  lame!!!!

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