Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint tutorial

i’m always blabbing about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  many of you ask if i’m sponsored.

i wish!

but i’m broadening my horizons and wanted to try Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.  i absolutely love Marian (of missmustardseed.com) and her work.  she’s an inspiration.

Miss Mustard Seed’s work

her work is chippy.  and that’s a compliment…cuz y’all know how much i love chippy paint!

so i did it.  i bought some milk paint from the lovely Barbara at The Treasured Home.  the paint comes in a powder, which you mix with water.


the consistency is very watery and goes against every ounce of painting intuition you’ve got.

but you trust.

i also got the bonding agent, clear wax and antiquing wax.

the color i bought is named kitchen scale.  i love this old antique we’ve got and wanted to mimic its look somewhere…somehow.

antique kitchen scale

so i took the kids’ old Ikea dining table.


this table gets a ton of action in our house.


we often find all four of us sitting around it during a meal….squished in, praying, and holding hands.


it’s a great table and has held up very nicely.  but it needed a new look…


the instructions say to mix bonding agent with the first coat of paint if you don’t want too much of a chippy look.  while i love the chippy look, i wanted to see how the bonding agent worked.  you can see from the first coat, that the paint is very watery.


i tried painting in a single direction as i wasn’t sure how the paint would dry.


here’s my apprentice.  ‘i help paint, momma!’  our dress code is pretty lax around here.


i sanded lightly after the first coat dried.  i didn’t notice too much bubbling or peeling, which milk paint is known for, which indicated that the bonding agent was working!

miss mustard seed paint bubbling

you can see on this chair, i used a second coat which didn’t have bonding agent…and you see a bit of bubbling and lifting, which is awesome.

mms kitchen scale painted on chair

i scraped with a putty knife and a very stiff wire brush to lift some of the paint off where it was bubbling.

miss mustard seed painted table distressed

then i used the antiquing wax.  first i applied with the wax brush very liberally, then rubbed in with an old, soft t-shirt.


you can see the difference nicely in this shot.  the chair on the right has been waxed.


see the bubbling on the left chair?  that’s the paint that didn’t have any bonding agent.  a pretty cool look, i think!


and here it is….with the kitchen scale. you can’t really see the detailing on the table top in these shots…it was a bit dark when i took these.  bummer.

antique kitchen scale on miss mustard seed painted table antique kitchen scale on miss mustard seed painted table antique kitchen scale on miss mustard seed painted table

but you see the depth and layers here…

close up of miss mustard seed kitchen scale paint mms kitchen scale painted on chair mms kitchen scale painted on chair

i love how this turned out!  it’s a totally different look than chalk paint, and i look forward to making my next piece really chippy!


the color looks so great against the white cabinets, don’t you think?

hydrangea on a miss mustard seed painted table

and i’m totally in love with our hydrangea right now.

hydrangea on a miss mustard seed painted table

anyone for some mickey mouse chicken nuggets?  🙂

miss mustard seed kitchen scale kids' table

have a great rest of your weekend!

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  1. Emily says

    adorable…great job!

    • imeeshu says

      thanks! 🙂 the kids love it. am hoping that the wax holds up. it’s not as soft and silky as the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint wax, but it seems to be doing the trick against the sticky fingers and syrup!

  2. Mary says

    Where are your bar stools from?;) Love how the table turned but LOVE those stools lol

  3. www.shabbygalsnest.com says

    They look so cute and just the right amount og chippiness! LOOOVE the hydrangeas my fav flower!

    • imeeshu says

      Thanks! This was a fun project and I’m excited to try more!