my hoarding issues

do you hoard?  i’m actually pretty good about purging stuff.  i don’t like clutter.  but there are some things that get me.  mason jars.  wood scraps.  and old architectural digest inspiration mags.

i ran across some old mags with post-it notes tagging pages.  i thought “good grief.  these will be horrid.”  and i was pleasantly surprised to see that my tastes from 20 years ago are still about the same.  decide for yourself if horrid is the right adjective.

i still swoon for these wooden cross beams.  they’re now available as a formed foam painted to look like wood.  i suppose that’s a good option should an earthquake hit and you’re standing under one!

wooden cross beams in dining room

and these rustic, country kitchen cabinets are still my favorites.  while i love our white cabinets, they do require a lot of cleaning each day to avoid seeing tiny (and not so tiny) fingerprints!  look at those cute little herbs on the windowsill.  precious.


country rustic kitchen cabinets painted green

and look at the cool arches detail over Jack Benny’s fireplace.  so hip, simple, and clean.

jack benny's hollywood home

and while i no longer have my mexican casita, i still love the mexican/spanish niches that are built into the plaster.  the arches aren’t perfect.  i don’t really care for the super shaggy rug.  makes me want to sneeze just looking at the picture.

build in niches and shelves spanish motif

and loook at this precious niche with the wooden ledge tying in with the wooden door?  and see how the door’s casing is actually sunken into the plaster?  now that’s awesome.

adorable small arched niche mexican motif

and the grand finale….these soft, pretty, white balloon roman shades just scream “girl” to me.

luxuriously luxurious soft and feminine white drapes

thanks for cruising the hoarder’s collection with me today.  you’ll be glad to know that i’ve purged the last of these mags now that i’ve scanned them.


all images: Architectural Digest, circa early ’90s

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  1. Christine says

    LOL! I have my magazine folder, too. I tear pictures out, and put them, the cover and back page of the magazine I took them from . Interestingly enough, I’ve tracked things down 1/2 way across the world from a single name in an ad, an article, or even a town.
    I, too, am surprised that my tastes haven’t changed much. I can actually (occasionally) throw some of the pictures away because I’ve realized them. Others just don’t apply to my life, so I keep ’em. But it’s always an “Oh oh” when I come across my folder!

    • imeeshu says

      Glad to know I’m not the only one who still truly has a “pin” board. 😉