itty bitty, tiny, little bundt cakes. are you kidding me?

we celebrated one of my coworker’s birthday yesterday.

am i late to the game on this incredible find!?

these itty, bitty, tiny, little, delicious bundt cakes were the treats.  WHAT?

moist, delicious, chocolate bite-sized bundt cake with cream cheese frosting

i’m a snob when it comes to cake.  at our wedding, i insisted on three types of chocolate cake layers.

5-star hotel pastry chef:  “are you sure you wouldn’t like to offer a layer of carrot or lemon cake?”

snotty me:  “nope.  this is my wedding and i’ll cry if i want to!”  🙂

i haven’t been too impressed with the cupcake craze. seems that by the time folks get big time enough to go retail, the cakes are mediocre and forgettable.  i find this sad, because i’m sure the bakers are all incredible.  but mass production ain’t easy.

but these little delights from were moist, delicious, and perfect for a two-biter.

unless you eat 4 of them.

excuse me while i do 1,000,000 sit-ups.

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  1. You should have AT LEAST eaten 8 of them! One of each flavor.  Next time you must allow your taste buds the pleasure of the entire experience by trying all eight flavors: Red Velvet, Lemon, Carrot, Chocolate Chip, Marble, White white chocolate (that’s right, not just white chocolate but White white chocolate), White Chocolate Raspberry , Pecan Praline, and Cinnamon Swirl

    • imeeshu says

      perhaps should partner with p90x.  🙂