800 women in a room

i’m here in nashville for blissdom.  a conference catering to women bloggers.

admittedly, i’m nervous.

while i have many women friends, i’m not a girly girl.

i don’t plan outfits.  i don’t pack days in advance.  i take less time to get ready than my husband.  he coifs.  don’t tell him i said that.

my closest friends growing up were boys and tomboys.

i never had a barbie.  ever.  never.

i reluctantly joined a sorority…and found my best friends there.

here we are with our big bangs and big hair.  yes, i still have and wear that purple patagonia.  woah!

so, why the anxiety?

maybe because i’m about to be challenged by like-minded women.  women who have busy home and work lives.  women who are more technical than i.  women who will inspire me to be a better wife, mom and person.

when was the last time you went way out of your comfort zone?

i’m entering mine now….


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