scenes from BlissDom :: day 1

holy energy!  i arrived at BlissDom…without my side kick Jessica.  she’s trying to use the “i have an 8 week old baby” excuse.  ok, fine.  🙂 walking solo into a conference of 700 women is a bit intimidating….most who know me wouldn’t guess that i’m an introvert, but the truth is, there’s a reason i […]

when type A starts to blog :: BlissDom changed my life

woah, this is a heavy topic for me. i’ve been what i call a tangential blogger for a few years now.  it started with simple posts about my first son to keep the family around the world updated.  then i started to dabble with furniture refinishing before we moved into our new home. i’ve always […]

800 women in a room

i’m here in nashville for blissdom.  a conference catering to women bloggers. admittedly, i’m nervous. while i have many women friends, i’m not a girly girl. i don’t plan outfits.  i don’t pack days in advance.  i take less time to get ready than my husband.  he coifs.  don’t tell him i said that. my […]

i’m sooo excited for Blissdom 2012!

i’m pretty new to this blogging world.  i’ve been dabbling for the past year or so. this is my good friend and mentor, Barbara Jones. she started and has been running a very interesting social media company for the past several years.  we’ve worked together on several projects.  she knows my passion for nerdy tech […]