photo tip :: capture your real subject

Raise your hand if you like stiff, boring photos!

fly fisherman portrait

No, thanks!  It’s ok to NOT be perfect.  Loosen up and try something different.

Talk to your clients.

Find out what interests them.  Not every shot has to be a traditional one with everyone matchy- matchy!

Take an element from their life that will remind them of that slice in time in the future.  many aspects of life represent who we are.  It doesn’t always have to be the beach, park or studio!

older man with his hunting dog

hunter with hunting dog

Capture peoples’ passion in your photos.  Take time to see who they really are before you start snapping those pics. you want to be able to see” them”, the” real “them, not the “glossy” them in the photos.

hunting dog photos

This is how I got into hunting photography.   Men typically don’t want their photos taken.  But you start taking pix of them with their hunting dogs and all bets are off!

portrait of a french bulldog

boy with riding gear portrait

So find out who your client really is and incorporate it into the pictures.





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