Hello, ladybugs!

I released 1500 ladybugs into the garden today! Here are some extreme closeups of them. imeeshu.com

a gorgeous, romantic, Napa wedding

we just returned from the most gorgeous and romantic wedding….ever. the setting was idyllic with the changing leaves and warm breezes. i wanted to practice my photo skills, especially in low lighting. and there’s no better place to do that than in napa at the pristine Beaulieu Garden, which i believe is the private family […]

Farm to Feast :: organic fellowship

my discipleship group wound down today…as we prep for a summer filled with camps, swimming, camping, and beach, this incredibly awesome group of 6 women (with 21 kids amongst us!!!), are taking a little hiatus. so we all met at a friend’s in Newport Beach.  Kim is a talented and uber creative-in-the-kitchen woman who hosts […]

en route to philly :: photo essay

i’ve always loved taking trains.  they’re convenient, fast, relaxing. for a recent train ride, rather than diving into my cell phone or reading, i purposefully grabbed my camera and snapped away, enjoying the sights the ride from NYC to Philly offer. it was a warm but very rainy day.  i just love how the Stamford […]

photo tip :: capture your real subject

Raise your hand if you like stiff, boring photos! No, thanks!  It’s ok to NOT be perfect.  Loosen up and try something different. Talk to your clients. Find out what interests them.  Not every shot has to be a traditional one with everyone matchy- matchy! Take an element from their life that will remind them […]

photo tips :: how to snap kid pix

I’m often asked how I’m able to get kids to cooperate during a photo shoot. “They never smile for me!” “How’d you get that shot?” So many parents are so worn out by the end of a photo shoot.  I’m the same way.  I laugh at myself when it’s my turn to do our family […]

A man and his dog :: short photo essay


scenes from Thanksgiving

there are so many things for which i’m thankful.  

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Jessica Cedarland is my good pal and an incredible photographer based in South Carolina.  We shared some intensely funny moments at BlissDom this year.  Here are some thoughts she had after this year’s incredible conference… “They” say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They say beauty is skin deep. They, say all sorts […]

mug shots or headshots?

do you ever look at words too closely or for too long, then they start to look incorrect? look at the word ‘headshots.’  strange, huh?  anyway, i digressed before i even started… my good friend Jessica Cedarland and I are at Blissdom, a conference for 800 blogging women.  like i mentioned in a previous post, […]