quatrefoil = four leafed clover


lil G has been playing his new Montessori Geometry iPad game a lot.  i don’t really pay attention b/c he masters all those games and teaches me a few things….
and indeed he did…
we were leaving the library when he said ‘Oh Mommy, a quatrefoil!’ 
not totally sure what he was saying, i asked him a few more times, wracking my brain to figure out what he was saying.

then he pointed to a house that sort of looked like this….don’t you see the quatrefoils?
ah yes, a quadrafoil quatrefoil…
so now i know that a shape like a four leaf clover is a quatrefoil (i even spelled it incorrectly when i googled it the first time).  
happy St. Patrick’s Day and get your quatrefoil on!
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  1. no way!!! was that the first 4 leaf clover he’s ever found??? you know for some odd reason i have a knack for finding them… i always wondered why. i guess sometimes it’s better not to know and know that feeling lucky, even if just for a second, makes me feel really good!