Regency coffee table gets a chalk paint makeover

we’re in the midst of remodeling a bit of our new house.  nothing major…carpet, paint, new tile in the bathrooms.

along with the new comes a lot of furniture painting.

most of my pals know that i bought a Ford F-150 b/c i pick up so much random furniture to paint.  so when i noticed a truck full of junk in the back of my contractor’s truck, i naturally asked him if i could dig through it all.

he said “sure, you won’t want any of this! it’s all junk and i’m taking it to the dump.”

enter exhibit A

beat up regency coffee table top

this my friends, is NOT junk.

beat up regency coffee table top

this regency coffee table is unbelievably cool and matches a regency credenza that i picked up on craigslist perfectly!

the legs are identical. i couldn’t have ever found this if i tried.

regency coffee table leg with brass footing


so, i got to work.  i wanted this piece to be masculine as the boys will likely be playing Legos and Hot Wheels on it for years.  there are times when i try to be girly, and i’m not particularly successful…like in our master bathroom, which i’ll post about in the near future.

but i digress…

so, i first taped off the 3 squares on top with my trusty green Frog Tape.  it works so well to keep the paint off areas it should be.  there’s no seepage whatsoever.  (this isn’t even a sponsored post, so i gain nothing by plugging the product!)

then, in layers, i painted them with Annie Sloan Paris Gray, a Pure White wash, a Paris Gray wash, some dry brushing here and there, clear wax, then dark wax to achieve a distressed, beachy wood look.

getting a Restoration Hardware look with chalk paint

then i got to work on the body of the coffee table.  i painted it in my favorite custom mix of 2/3 Graphite + 1/3 Napoleonic Blue.  it looked great on our mudroom project  so i thought i’d bring it into the house again.

using a thick, yet watered down custom mix of the color, i painted it all over.  then i dry brushed Paris Gray on the panels.  Clear Wax + Dark Wax with 2 coats on top as it’ll take abuse from the kids.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint regency coffee table


has anyone ever told ya you’ve got nice legs?

coffee table leg masked with 3M blue tape

i’ll post a pic once it’s all set up in the new living area. and wait till you see what else my buddy was taking to the dump.  the cutest, kid-sized, metal desk.  can’t wait to share it!

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  1. Michelle says

    Oh. my. goodness. this is gorgeous! Thank you for posting. However…do you have any, walk through, step by step guide for those of us that have no idea what dry brushing is or how to paint stuff like this? We just bought a new home and are in the midst of re-doing everything. I’m having a tv cabinet built and would love to finish it along w my mantle this same look…where, how do I start?? Any help appreciated! THANK YOU!!!

    • imeeshu says

      Hi Michelle. You’ve certainly been busy and in fact, buying a new house is how all my painting projects started. I don’t have a step by step for this piece, but as you’ve found, have tutorials for many other pieces on my blog.
      I should and will put together a glossary of terms as many people have been requesting that.
      Good luck!