Restoration Hardware-esque coffee table :: stands up to Hot Wheels!

many of you have read about our ‘zero to hero’ coffee table.  if not, you can read about it here.

it’s been 5 months since i refinished this piece to have a restoration hardware weathered wood finish.  i used annie sloan’s chalk paint.  how much do i love that stuff?  i bought 4 quarts, have painted just about everything we own, and still have plenty left!

we put this coffee table into rotation about 4 months ago and it’s faring very well.

i’d be lying if i said the great room looked like tidy in real life….as evidenced by the finger prints on the lantern!

restoration hardware wood finish with annie sloan chalk paint


lil G plays cars on this coffee table every day. the chalk paint has held up very well!

as you can see here, lil G is just getting started with his day….by noon, the cars have taken over!  and look at those cute tiny finger prints on the lantern?  that’s where the cars go for timeout.  🙂

weathered wood 'zero to hero' coffee table has taken a beating....

the kids sit on the table, we put hot foods and drinks on it, we race Hot Wheels every day…and the chalk paint just keeps doing its job.  a few more scratches, but that’s the look we want for this table, and why we chose not to spend big money on a new table….

Hot Wheels are a great way to distress a table! 🙂

i love the tiny scratches!!!

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  1. What colors did you use?