rustic restoration hardware vibe dining room reveal!

the morning room is almost done. i just need to seal the dining table…but i just can’t seem to find the right product. i wanted to use Dead Flat but am nervous about it for some reason…not sure that it’ll clean properly.

how about these luxurious host and hostess chairs? The nailheads are cool. our designer, Erica Bryen, helped us with all these selections. the table is a Restoration Hardware inspired farm piece. It’s deceptively long at 9′. The room is huge, so the table in this picture looks relatively small!

i specifically chose this table leg design so that the host and hostess chairs would fit under the table and those sitting in the chairs wouldn’t knock their knees. i hate knocking my knees when i’m trying to get my eat on!

love the nail heads. love. got these Microsealedso that we can recover from any red wine mishaps. a bit pricey but worth it. one of our early selections was a wicker chair…then i envisioned mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce

did someone say food?

all smushed into the woven reeds. PASS!

i like how the chairs look against the floors. nice contrast. Big A loves to crawl under the chairs and nosh on crumbs. He might even get lucky one day and find a macaroni…or better!

here’s my really lame attempt at decorating with cranberries to bring in some color. i wanted to keep it simple and rustic. upcycled mason jars from Prego spaghetti sauce work nicely. thank you Costco!

i don’t have time or patience to line the jars up perfectly. getting these pictures done at all while the boys are cruising around is a miracle as it is!

the iron globe chandelier pulls this room together! we weren’t sure if it would work, but it pretty much is the raddest thing we’ve got! i’d like to pick up some old school filament light bulbs instead of the pretty lame home depot faux candle deals we’ve got going on.  but then my tree hugging friends will complain that they’re not energy efficient.  so then i just won’t invite them over for dinner.  🙂


this frame was one of my first projects. It was your standard black glossy frame…and was before i took the Annie Sloan chalk paint plunge. so i sanded, layered grays and blues, and sanded, sprayed some metallic, etc. long process for a little frame! then attached a sea fan against upcycled brown paper on corrugated cardboard. not sure i love it, but it’s fine for now.

this was the first fabric i choose for the house. it’s so soft, luxurious, warm, and screams feminine, which i like bc the house has a very masculine vibe. we also used this fabric on the curtains in the great room. I LOVE it.

i love this shot…you can’t see the water rings, finger prints, or other dining ‘incidents’ that have transpired on this table.

but hey, that’s the look i’m going for right?

i’m pretty sure Ma and Pa Ingalls didn’t seal their table either.

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  1. I am IN LOVE with that chandelier–where did you find it?

  2. Where did you get the globe chandelier? Looking to buy one just like that. Thanks!

    • imeeshu says

      Hi Tara, honestly, I don’t know where the globe came from. Our designer got it for us. Where do you live? I’m sure you can call Erica Bryen Design to see if she can order you one. She gets GREAT deals as she’s the buyer for a big design center in Orange County.

  3. Great design. Like the chandelier and found a similar one on Shades of Light website for anyone interested.

  4. Hi. I know this post is old but just came across it and am in love with the fabric!! Can you let me know name of fabric or if you have any extra??? Thanks!