scenes from Thanksgiving

there are so many things for which i’m thankful.

misty foggy morning in southern california

misty mornings out our window make those early mornings that much better

turkey brined in grand marnier

turkey brined in grand marnier. works for us!

grand marnier bottle cap

butter under turkey skin

as if brining in grand marnier weren’t enough…a turkey with butter shoved under the skin makes it even that much better. butter is your friend. i promise.

home made butter in mason jar

speaking of butter.  home made butter? good grief, yes, please.

brussels sprouts with sweet & sour chili sauce

i’ve learned to love brussels sprouts…mainly because of this new recipe

tiny yellow birds in water fountain

these little birds make me so happy. there were four bathing with us on Thanksgiving.

hostess gift. wisk, vanilla, lemon extract, and mint extract.

my friend Peilin Breller brought this gift to me for hosting our first collaboration: cook. shoot. eat. i need to take a page out of her social graces book!

wildflowers in southern california

these wildflowers that popped up in our strawberry patch make me so so so happy.

decimated turkey carcass

i’m thankful to have a husband who attempts to carve a turkey. he is a brave man and i love him so much. go ahead…laugh. it was DELISH!

most importantly, i’m forever thankful that God has blessed us with these two rugrats.


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