spring has sprung. hyacinths are popping already!

the first signs on spring are here…trouble is, we haven’t really had winter.  and as i write this, the temperature is dropping to the high 30s here in So Cal.  its finally snowing in the mountains.   these poor bulbs will be 86d by morning!


but look at how gorgeous the back yard is looking?  i love looking out there…hello little tiny cherry blossom buds!  i hope you’re still there tomorrow!


The Costco bulbs are peeking out!  Hello hyacinths!  They smell AWESOME!


And look at the upcycled planter box I made?  When I say ‘made,’ I mean, I used a hand-held hacksaw, and cut the wood, then used wood screws to put it all together.  Nothing too magical going on here….

weathered cedar wood container with cool stencils and interesting metal straps

But the true magic is where this wood originated.  Remember these tree containers we had laying around from the landscaping?  Well, they laid around a while, weathered even more, and then got put to good use!


I left the bottom open so that the water could drain…I’ve got a little salsa garden going in this on.  This section of our yard has full sun all day.  We’ll see if the rabbit-proof fence keeps the bunnies away.  I wonder if jalapenos are spicy to rabbits?


Cilantro.  Yum.  My favorite!


Hello onions!  A little out of focus…bummer.



Have you heard of a fruit salad tree?  This one’s got limes, lemons, tangerines and oranges all grafted to one tree.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  Not sure if this is a lime or lemon.  The limes get pretty hefty in So Cal…

Perfect for a cold Pacifico!

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Meesh has a passion for people, creative projects, and technology. She enjoys painting furniture back to life, gardening, playing with her kids, and connecting people.


  1. Your cilantro is beautiful! I’m so jealous! Gonna have to fly you out to help set up a garden once we get a place – I’m clueless when it comes to gardening.