summer hydrangea tablescape

i love hydrangeas.

hydrangea and mason jar summer tablescape

i had the luxury of spending a few hours in the garden today and cut a bunch of hydrangea as they’re starting to look a little hot….

pink and green hydrangeas


pink and white paper hydrangea

so let’s enjoy them while we can, shall we?

lilac and green hydrangea

for this table scape on our outdoor dining table, i put some candles in mason jars on a wooden tray…

purple hydrangea

we bbq a lot, so this just pretties up the table and makes me smile.

hydrangea and mason jar summer tablescape

i read somewhere that the best way to dry hydrangea is simply to leave it in water.

hydrangea and mason jar summer tablescape

however, that hasn’t worked on a consistent basis for me.

pink hydrangea close up

do you have a trick for drying hydrangea?

hydrangea and mason jar summer tablescape

have a GREAT 4th of July week.  God bless America!

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  1. Lorrie Bass Bernard says

    beautiful! we have an enormous hydrangea in our yard … the plant has been here for 40+ years and probably has hundreds of blooms, so i’ve got vases all over our house filled with them. so gorgeous!

    • imeeshu says

      Miss you, girl!! Would be fun to garden together. How are the raised beds doing?