Snicker doodles on a never-ending Sunday night

you’ve gotten through a long week at work, hosted 15 family members for dinner on saturday night, then woken up sunday morning to realize your husband is golfing and has both car seats?


hi sunday.

2 little monkeys jumping on the bed

so you do this for as many hours as your body and mind can handle.

attack of a 4 year old!

faceplants abound during a wrestling match

2 second interlude from 1 hour wrestling match

2 second interlude…

unabashed joy

unabashed joy!

the fun never stops when toddlers wrestle

after baths and dinner, you think “self, it’s def past the boys’ bedtime.  it’s gotta be 8:00 already!”

then you glance at the clock.


then you look at your husband and you both start cracking up and sort of wimpering.

so what do you do?

you bake.

tonight, we baked snicker doodles.

cookie watchman

lil G is a GREAT cookie watcher. who needs a timer when you get a running commentary on every cookie?

yummy snicker doodle cookies

slightly crunchy on the outside, and perfectly soft on the inside. yum!

yummy snicker doodle cookies

guess who rolled the big vs. the small snicker doodles?

have a GREAT week!

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