chocolate Mandy’s cookie thins + pink lemonade frosting = cookie sandwich delight!

  you can’t tell me this doesn’t look ah-mazing! my friends run the most amazing confections company called Fusion Gourmet. Mandy’s Cookie Thins are by far the yummiest, crispiest (is that a word?!), crunchiest, most delicious cookie crisp you’ll ever try. when friends come over, they all end up arm wrestling to see who can […]

neighbors and cookies

  we’re blessed with wonderful neighbors. isn’t it awesome to come home from a busy day to this sitting at your door? yummy peanut butter cookies with hershey kisses on a cute white heart-shaped plate?   and this is from a woman who has 6 kids.  i mean, she found time to make these and bring […]

Snicker doodles on a never-ending Sunday night

you’ve gotten through a long week at work, hosted 15 family members for dinner on saturday night, then woken up sunday morning to realize your husband is golfing and has both car seats? 🙂 hi sunday. so you do this for as many hours as your body and mind can handle. 2 second interlude… unabashed […]