vintage painted dresser for a friend

a neighbor was tossing this vintage dresser that had been in her daughter’s room for 20 years. it had taken a beating. i wish i had a before picture, but alas, i don’t.  suffice it to say there was a lot of scotch tape, stickers, and fingerprints on this lovely. a friend is moving back […]

antique dresser gets a Swedish facelift

i picked up this antique dresser on Craigslist. it had been with the family for a few generations, but it was time for it to get a new home. it was a perfect shape with great bones for a new sink pedestal in the kids’ bathroom. the top had a ton of wear and tear, […]

how i hacked an Ikea Tarva dresser :: tutorial

i’ll always have fond memories of Ikea.  i used to bring my kids there when they had trouble sleeping…. it always went something like this: “they’ll fall asleep in the stroller while i shop.” yup, i’m THAT mom with stuff stacked in the stroller, balanced on the kids’ heads, crammed into the small storage bin […]

Shabby chic dresser rehab

> here is a free dresser i stalked on craigslist.  it was curbside, was in really sad condition, and needed some tlc.  but i saw the potential!  while i don’t have a picture of my sad piece (i need to get better at this), here’s a picture of a highboy dresser with the same paint […]