Lynn Jerath, President & Founder Citrine Investment Group

Hey gang! I’m thrilled to feature my brilliant and sweet friend, Lynn Jerath. We’re involved with the Trustees Council of Penn Women at the University of Pennsylvania, which is an incredible group of women that goes above and beyond for the university. TCPW exists to promote women-related programming across the schools, from faculty, students, alumnae around the world, […]

got sleep? 6 tips to getting more of it.

My friend Nancy Rothstein wrote a book called My Daddy Snores and is known as The Sleep Ambassador®. I’m pretty sure she wrote this book about me, though. Perhaps she wrote it about my entire brood.  We all snore. Even this guy. It’s like a really bad rendition of dueling chainsaws. What to do, what to […]

flashback :: u penn reunion


raising gritty kids :: perseverance wins the game

for those interested in learning more about raising kids with ‘grit,’ this is a very interesting discussion. Angela Lee Duckworth from University of Pennsylvania has some great insights that paint a picture of why grit is found in the most successful people in today’s world. however, i ask myself “what is success?” as a woman […]